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HGLTECH 340N Dual Thruster Powered Bodyboard Jet Bodyboard Outdoor Water Sports Motorised SeaRover B
Category : For Sale -> Miscellaneous
Price : Rs 10
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Location : Guangdong, China
Description : Product Name:HGLTECH 340N Dual Thruster Powered Bodyboard Jet Bodyboard Outdoor Water Sports Motorised SeaRover Bodyboard
Product Description:
1. With a small size of 100cm*50cm*34cm, this motorized electric bodyboard is designed to be easily hand carried and launched anywhere. It can be easily packed into your car and be transported to anywhere.

2. The innovative appearance of the electric body board is totally designed by ourselves. Spaceship shape maximizes the water resistance reduction. Under the same thrust, it reaches the fastest speed.

3. In order to give users the best using effect, motorized electric bodyboard refers to the ergonomic design. Water, propelled by propulsion, flows on both sides of the body, making it extremely comfortable.

4. In addition, the material of the panel is EVA material, which has good softness and non-slip performance. When you are galloping on the water, ductile surface can prevent your skin from being bruised by friction.
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Company Description
Guangdong Huagulong Technology Co.,Ltd.
Address:GuangdongGuangdongDongguanDalangBuilding B1, Hongxintai Industrial Park, No. 28 Yinying Road, Dalang Town, Dongguan, 523771, China
Descption:The co-founders of HGLTECH is a group of passionate and innovative post-80s technology enthusiasts. They have been in the electronic intelligent automation industry for nearly 10 years and all are skillful from circuit design to PCB layout, embedded software/hardware development , component selection and performance evaluation, product testing, SMT/DIP production and process quality control. Each process is fully experienced and well performed.
Registered Capital:500
Guangdong Huagulong Technology Co.,Ltd.
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