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1. important topics in aptitude 
Category : Education
Asked By ammu
2. where is the next ramp show in Delhi? 
Category : Beauty & Fashion
Asked By Amiya
3. cxv 
Category : Beauty & Fashion
Asked By mohan
Category : Relationships
Asked By amit
5. how to convert a sound file in to binaryfile  
Category : Computers & Internet
Asked By Durai
6. apptitude questions  
Category : Education
Asked By vani
7. In domestic vapour compression refrigerator, the refrigerant commonly used is 
Category : Education
Asked By karthik
8. Apptitude 
Category : Technology
Asked By akansha
9. sd 
Category : Careers
Asked By satish
10. Most abundant element found in moon 
Category : Science
Asked By sanju
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