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Category : Entertainment -> Acting - Modeling Roles
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Location : Junagadh,Gujarat, India
Description : Shamans are Horde-only Class of Seers and Warriors that use the power of the elements to destroy their enemies and heal their allies. They are very versatile and can assume the role of a Healer, DPS, or even a Tank (especially at lower levels). Restoration Shamans possess a very rare, in Classic at least, AoE Heal ability in a form of the Chain Heal, which makes them a very world of warcraft classic gold desired Raid Healers. Elemental Shamans, while not the best as End-Game DPSs, can pull their weight in Raids. Enhancement Shamans, although not viable for Raiding, are very strong in PvP and have an ability to One-Shot their enemies with lucky Windfury procs.

Shamans are very capable Solo and Duo levelers, but their rather low mana pool slows them down a bit by forcing downtimes. They hav
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