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Cheap wow classic gold with 6% off for WoW Classic Paladin Starter Build
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Location : North Goa,Goa, India
Description : Paladins are holy warriors of Azeroth that originate from the Order of the Knights of the Silver Hand, an organization that was created by cheap wow classic gold Uther the Lightbringer after the First War against Orcs and secured Alliance's victory in the Second War against Orcs. They are one of two classes that can wear Plate Armor and, as a hybrid class, can fulfill all of the Holy Trinity roles, Tanking, Healing, and Damage Dealing during leveling. In the End Game, Paladins are usually relegated to the role of a Healer, as this is where they excel.

Leveling a Paladin is quite a task (some experienced Players even state that Paladin is a worse leveler than a Warrior), and requires a lot of dedication... or a partner. While Paladin is one of the worse solo levelers, he is also one of the
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